the skylarks




THE SKYLARKS - in the name of rock'n'roll
The Skylarks play British-style rock'n'roll. Their energetic and honest performance both on record and on stage always gets a very warm response. In the music of the Skylarks you can hear the rock'n'roll of the golden era as well as the rock'n'roll of today. The music the boys make is very fresh with a powerful rhythm - if their music won't get you moving your feet, nothing will!

There are two brothers in the group - Keijo and Pasi Laihonen together with Timo Niinimäki and Kimmo Huopainen. The group's whereabouts is in the West Coast of Finland. What about the instruments, then? All you need is a guitar, another guitar, bass and drums to create the electric atmosphere which is characteristic to the Skylarks' concerts. Each member of the group shares the lead vocals, and when those voices are put together we have close harmonies which is one of the strengthnesses of The Skylarks.

The Skylarks' Show

The Skylarks' show is something else. The legendary VOX-amplifiers and Ludwig-drums are sure to attract your eyes and ears. Moreover, the boys wear the same kind of suits on stage. And this is not all - The Skylarks also have some nice show tricks which spice up their act. The Skylarks is worth seeing and hearing. Their repertoire consists of great classics of rock'n'roll and their self-written "classics".


The Skylarks have written a huge number of originals. In the earlier albums at least half of the songs have been written by the group itself (under the name of 'Skylark'), and when it comes to the singles, all the songs are originals. In their songwriting The Skylarks is truthful to the same principles followed by their songwriting heroes - e.g. the songs must always have good melodies and they must be well-structured from the very beginning to the very end. This guarantees the high quality of The Skylarks' music.