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Get Your Kicks - on Skylarks Gigs!

The Skylarks have a long experience when it comes to touring and performing. They have been playing here, there and everywhere: the places include outdoor concerts, ballrooms, rock clubs, tv shows, restaurants, night clubs, ferries etc.

The Skylarks are at their best when playing live in front of an audience. This has opened the doors to the finest stages for the group. The Skylarks have performed e.g. in Stockholm, Pori Jazz, Provinssi-Rock, Nummirock, on the Swedish ferries and in the Sixties' Nostalgia happenings.

The Skylarks have also had the honour to play with great British groups like The Searchers, The Tremeloes, Status Quo, The Fortunes, The Renegades, Herman's Hermits, Pete Best, Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders.

Some of the Skylarks' Gigs Coming Soon

La 29.8.2020
Merisali, Naantali

La 26.9.2020
Walters Pub, Sastamala

La 3.10.2020
OuluSixties, Oulu

La 3.7.2021
Käenkoski, Parkano

La 13.11.2021
Wanha Kasino, Savonlinna